Zümaround releases the collapsible miniZüm

September 10, 2014

Toronto, ON, July 24, 2014 – Zümaround is pleased to announce the launch of the miniZüm, a collapsible electric hybrid kick scooter for adults that is unlike any other product on the market today. The miniZüm is the second model in Zümaround’s line of electric hybrid kick scooters for adults and has many of the same features as the original Zümaround model, including the 250 watt frictionless hub DC motor, dual e-brakes with auto battery shut off, and a battery range of 20 miles. Unique to the miniZüm is the collapsible frame, 12” pneumatic tires and an expanded deck size of 17.5” x 7”.

The miniZüm is an innovation of Gideon Tomaschoff, who launched the Zümaround in 2012 and is also President of Kickstart Scooters Ltd., which has distributed Sidewalker Scooters for the past 15 years. “The Zümaround has been tremendously popular because of the smooth ride and seamless electric assist of the motor,” said Tomaschoff. “I was getting requests for a smaller model that could collapse and fit into tighter spaces. With the miniZüm, people will arrive at work without being out of breath or sweaty, and can then fold the stem down and store it under their desk for the day.”

With a lightweight, robust aluminum frame, the total weight of the miniZüm (including the battery) is 32 pounds. The 36V lithium battery weighs five pounds and is lockable and removable for charging. The scooter can go a maximum speed of 16 miles per hour and 20 miles before charging, but can go much longer if the motor is just used as an electric-assist to self-propulsion.

An advantage of a stand-up scooter is the increased height of the rider, providing a greater line of vision and improved visibility to drivers and other riders. The miniZüm is incredibly durable with a rider weight capacity of 375 lbs and handlebars that are fully adjustable to the height of any rider. Riders should comply with e-bike laws including wearing a bicycle helmet and not riding on the sidewalk. The speed is easy to control, and the e-brakes with the automatic battery shut off make it possible for the rider to quickly hop on and off.

The miniZüm comes in three colors: black, white and metallic gray and is available at retailers in the United States and Canada. There is a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame, battery and motor. The miniZüm can also be purchased through the Zümaround website for $1200 including tax and shipping.